1. What services are included with your management fees?

    A. Rent collection
    B. CPA-prepared monthly statement and distributions
    C. Year-end financial summary and 1099 tax forms.
    D. Credit screening for prospective tenants.
    E. Vacancies filled and lease preparation.
    F. 24-7 tenant maintenance services
    G. Routine property inspections.
    H. Copies of receipts for all property expenses included in monthly statement. Click here to view sample CPA-prepared monthly financial statement.

  2. Do you charge extra to fill a vacancy?

    Yes. There is a flat fee to fill a vacancy. Please call for details.

  3. Are there any long-term contracts required for your services?

    No. The client or Parkside may terminate the agreement providing 30-days written notice. We only want satisfied customers.

  4. I am moving out of the area. Do you offer direct deposit of my rental income? Can you forward my monthly statements to me?

    Yes to both. We have many out-of-state and out-of country clients who enjoy the convenience of this service at no additional cost.

  5. Do you offer eviction services?

    We will refer any evictions to the law offices of Dennis P. Block. However the Landlord may use any attorney of his or her choice.

  6. May I speak with some of your existing clients?

    Yes. References are available upon request.

  7. Tell me about "Landlord TV"?

    This is a free web-based TV show for landlords. Attorney Dennis Block shows you how to properly fill out legal forms and provides other tips for processing your eviction. To access this show, please go to www.evict123.com and click on "Landlord TV".

  8. What are the rules about paying an on-site manager?

    Click here for answer.

  9. Do you offer consulting-only services?

    Yes. You may engage us to:
    A. Review your leases, prepare new "landlord-friendly" leases.
    B. Discuss how to deal with difficult tenants.
    C. Prepare and serve legal documents.
    D. Advise you on how to maximize your profits.

    Please call our office for our hourly rates for consultation.

  10. Do you have a minimum amount of units per property that you manage?

    Yes...we manage only those properties with 4 or more units. We also do not manage single family homes.

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